Content is the Oxygen of Marketing

You cannot create consistent marketing results without consistent Content Marketing.

Market Research

Trying to implement content marketing or content creation without proper market research is the same as shooting in the dark.

You might have hit the mark a few times, but you certainly didn’t do it on purpose, nor can you ensure you can hit it again with accuracy.

Thorough research needs to be conducted to better understand your industry, market trends, consumer behaviour and the tactics and strategies of your competitors.

We have been studying how markets behave for years now. And our approach to content marketing would be scientific.

Crafting the right Content Marketing Strategy

Once thorough market research has been done, and the necessary data have been captured, then you will have to create a strong content marketing strategy.

Your strategy will be tied to your company’s goals and the vision you have for your business. Your strategy will cover everything from your brand positioning, target market, key messages to your tone of communication.  

Content Creation & Publishing

You should then go about creating value-adding content which would communicate your message to your target audience in the form of text, video and audio.

The next step would be to publish this content on the platforms where your target audience’ attention is on.

If organic means alone cannot help your message reach your target customers, you should use paid means to do so.

Analyzing, Making Adjustments and Learning

However, you need to understand that to be successful in content marketing or marketing in general; you need to be very consistent.

You should pay close attention to the numbers, to better understand what types of content is driving you good results, and what isn’t.

You should then make the right adjustments to produce better results continuously. You should also periodically repeat the process of Research – Strategize – Execute – Analyze & Adapt

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Brands Experience

Client Testimonials

Ladder Global has blended with our team and company culture showing impeccable results and improvements in sales from the inception. They studied and understood our company and project portfolio classification to create a successful digital marketing platform that is monitored daily.

Being the young and energetic team that has provided us with improvised marketing strategies and data which helped us to grow our esteemed client base and brand status evidently. Home Makers and our group of companies see a promising future with multiple prospects and avenues when collaborating with Ladder Global. We hope to continue our relationship and help build each other.

Roshan Senaratne

Managing Director, Home Makers

Anush is an honest, solution-centric, focused and creative marketing professional who has provided us with excellent service over the past few months
Lewie Diaz

Managing Director, Cambridge College of Business