Get 100s of Highly Qualified Leads Each Month Through Facebook Ads

In the World of digital marketing, there are only 2 dominant platforms for advertising. One is Google and the other is Facebook. Both platforms are equally important to get maximum results.

Reaching Out To High Quality Leads Who Might Otherwise Not Know Your Brand

There are more than 2.7 Billion active Facebook users whom you could target with not only geographic and demographic factors, but also based on their interests (psychographic factors) as well using Facebook ads.

The millions of data points available on Facebook allows for this highly targeted advertising to reach out to highly quality prospects. Facebook ads have the best ROI compared to all other types of advertising and thereby presents the best chance to reach an audience which was previously not reachable.

Facebook Has Evolved from A Socializing Platform Into a Marketing Machine

The Facebook platform is free for users and how they monetize is through ad placements. The days of Facebook solely being a socializing platform is long gone, and its now fully evolved into a platform for businesses as well.

Due to the thousands of data points its users willingly provide Facebook, the platform is in a unique position to provide businesses with very accurate targeting data. Facebook advertising is still massively underpriced and should be used to out-work your competitors before that changes.

It is one of the best form of investments. If you have an effective sales mechanism also in place you will guaranteed get many times the money invested in return.


Facebook Strategy

As a first step, we would get on a Strategy call with you (Free of charge), audit and analyze your business, the market and your competitors and come up with a custom strategy to maximize leads and sales through Facebook ads.


End-to-End Execution

We would handle the entire Facebook campaign from start to finish and provide with the analytics required to determine the success of these campaigns. You will see results within the first 2 weeks.


Automate Systems

Once the perfect balance is identified through A/B testing, we would automate the whole process and implement the right monitoring and controlling mechanisms for maximum results. 

5 Tried and Tested Ways to Improve Your Sales During This Pandemic

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Brands Experience

Client Testimonials

Ladder Global has blended with our team and company culture showing impeccable results and improvements in sales from the inception. They studied and understood our company and project portfolio classification to create a successful digital marketing platform that is monitored daily.

Being the young and energetic team that has provided us with improvised marketing strategies and data which helped us to grow our esteemed client base and brand status evidently. Home Makers and our group of companies see a promising future with multiple prospects and avenues when collaborating with Ladder Global. We hope to continue our relationship and help build each other.

Roshan Senaratne

Managing Director, Home Makers

Anush is an honest, solution-centric, focused and creative marketing professional who has provided us with excellent service over the past few months
Lewie Diaz

Managing Director, Cambridge College of Business