Bring in Leads Who Are in ‘Ready-To-Buy-Now’ Mode Through Pay Per Click Campaigns

There are 3.5 Billion Searches made on Google daily. Google Ads are an excellent way to position your brand in front of ‘Ready-To-Buy-Now’ customers. However Google Ads are expensive and competition is stiff. We help place Google Ads which would result in the highest possible quality leads and build highly converting landing pages to increase the conversion rate.

Quickest Way to Generate Sales

Your business needs to revenue and cash here and in the now for it to survive and thrive. Google Ad placements would be the fastest way to make this happen. This is because you will be targeting the most ready-to-buy customers in the market right now. If you don’t take advantage of this opportunity – you will be losing out to your competition.

What Matters Is the Sales, Not the Clicks

We are not interested in prospects merely clicking on our ads and visiting our sites. We are interested in converting these prospects into paying customers. We do this by building highly converting landing pages and direct response copy writing.

Here Is a Closely Guarded Secret by Most PPC Agencies Won’t Share with You

Some of the common mistakes made by amateur PPC strategies include incorrect targeting, incorrect bidding, poor ad copy & creatives and not split testing. Due to this they have no way of creating the highest ROI on your PPC ad spend. As a result, they would hold on to vanity metrics like Click Through Rate and scream victory!

We don’t see the point in doing this. There should be a reason why you’re spending money on Google Ads. That is to generate an exponential return on that money. And if you’re not achieving this, not only are you wasting money, but you are also losing ground to your competition!

5 Tried and Tested Ways to Improve Your Sales During This Pandemic

The Pandemic has most businesses reeling. But if you get to the bottom of it, the fundamental problem faced by these businesses are dwindling sales and cashflows.

Quality Lead generation using tried and tested methods is the answer to this problem. Download this E-Book and solve this problem now.

Brands Experience

Client Testimonials

Ladder Global has blended with our team and company culture showing impeccable results and improvements in sales from the inception. They studied and understood our company and project portfolio classification to create a successful digital marketing platform that is monitored daily.

Being the young and energetic team that has provided us with improvised marketing strategies and data which helped us to grow our esteemed client base and brand status evidently. Home Makers and our group of companies see a promising future with multiple prospects and avenues when collaborating with Ladder Global. We hope to continue our relationship and help build each other.

Roshan Senaratne

Managing Director, Home Makers

Anush is an honest, solution-centric, focused and creative marketing professional who has provided us with excellent service over the past few months
Lewie Diaz

Managing Director, Cambridge College of Business