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Every interaction the sales team has with prospects can potentially make or break deals. Each customer and each interaction are different. But there are some common mistakes inexperienced sales professionals commit which can cost their business dear! Here are some such mistakes that sales professionals should avoid.

Talking without listening

The modern day customer is smart and can fish out a snake oil salesman from a genuine one. People nowadays don’t want to be sold at all. But they do want to get their problems solved. But how can you as a sales person solve their problems if you don’t ask the right questions and get some important information first? 

Instead, what inexperienced sales professionals do is just talk and talk, not even checking how relevant all the information they are sharing is to the end customer.

This graph shows the results of a recent study where top closers are those who listen more than they talk. Their listen – talk ratio is 60 – 40.

Not qualifying your prospects

If you want to be efficient with your sales process, then you need to do a good job of qualifying prospects for your business before moving them further down the sales pipeline.

This could involve having some difficult conversations up front and finding out if the client is looking to find a solution to their problem right now, whether the price point is correct, etc. Having a predefined set of qualifying questions could be quite helpful for this.

Some of the benefits of qualifying your prospects are

  • You can save time and resources
  • Divert that time and energy instead into prospects who could actually become paying customers and nurture them
  • Build stronger relationships with existing customers to then increase Lifetime value
  • Improve close rate

Not addressing objections

When you don’t address the objections raised by your customers, you appear like you don’t care about their problems and instead just the sale. It will damage your relationship and reputation with the prospects. Once the trust is lost it is quite difficult to win it back.

You’d be better off listening carefully to your customers’ objections, acknowledge them, address those objections, get a confirmation from them whether they have sufficient clarity on their objections and then ask for the sale.

Being overly eager to close sales

In sales you can only control your effort – you can’t control the outcome. If you come off as too pushy or aggressive to close a sale, you will likely lose the trust of your prospect. You will also not be taken seriously.

Another potential harm of being over eager to close sales is that you are also more likely to give into the demands of your customers.After qualifying your prospects, employing some patience in the sales process is ideal. Focus on finding a solution to the client’s needs. Be OK with negotiating, but also be OK with walking away. If your branding and marketing is strong enough – you will have enough leads in the pipeline to pursue. If you’re looking for a marketing agency to support you with this, do book a consultation with us.

Not following up

It is not always that a qualified prospect who has shown interest in your product or service would make an immediate decision to buy from you. There could be various factors delaying their purchase decision. If you don’t follow up with these customers, you would never find out whether those circumstances had changed and whether the time is not ripe for a purchase.

But you also don’t want to become a nuisance, so its always better to agree on dates or timelines when you could do the follow up so the client could have enough breathing space between interactions.

Following up with your qualified prospects also has many other benefits

  • Your customers now know that you are interested in their business
  • It is an opportunity for you to provide them some value and establish credibility and trust which could push them further down the sales pipeline
  • You also get to handle their objections and give them a gentle nudge towards making a purchase decision.

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