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Digital Push, Proving Health Education and Generating more Sales : Forte Diagnostics

Forte Diagnostics has been in the healthcare industry in Sri Lanka for 27 years. As part of their expansion efforts into becoming the leader in medical diagnostics in the country, they had a requirement to build a strong presence in digital. They also wanted to become a thought leader in health education and preventive care.



We first did a market research and strategy formulation for the brand and clearly outlined our value proposition and defined the different cohorts of our target audience.


Comprehensive upgrade of the Forte website. The new website had high performance and a high conversion rate.


The new website also made it easier for patients to find out the different tests available at Forte and make online bookings easily.


We then launched a comprehensive content roll out in multiple channels including Social media, YouTube and Email with several content pillars to position Forte as the ‘Most trusted medical laboratory in Sri Lanka’ and a ‘Thought Leader in Health Education and Preventative Care’.

SEO Results

Diagnostics Sri Lanka - 2nd Results

Diagnostics Sri Lanka - 1st GMB Results

Medical Labs in Sri Lanka - 2nd GMB Results

Best Laboratory in Colombo - 1st GMB Results

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