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Generating further awareness for the Heart Center : Durdans Case Study

Durdans is one of the leading private hospitals. Even though they had some industry-leading departments such as the heart center, the level of awareness amongst the target audience needed further improvement. Further, patients and their loved ones couldn’t find Durdans as a top result when they searched for keywords related to ‘heart health’, ‘cardio’ or ‘neurology’



We started off with a Technical audit to identify the main SEO deficiencies for the brand


Then we did a Keywords Research & a Competitor Research


We then identified the relevant keywords for each of their service and incorporated the keywords to the web copy’s headlines and body


Next, we optimized for Meta Titles, Meta Descriptions & Image Optimization


We then monitored the results from these activities


We also created new optimized web pages and added blogs and other resources frequently based on search queries / demand.


We created backlinks by reaching out to bloggers and third-party listings.


Google My Business was also optimized for search visibility and we pushed for Google Reviews for local SEO.


We also guided the Durdans team to add the right keywords & optimizations for YouTube videos (titles & description)


Also guided the Durdans team to optimize social media platforms and content for search visibility


We ran Google and Facebook Ads to increase website traffic


We helped optimized the Durdans website to improve retention rate and reduce bounce rate.


Since the start of implementing SEO on January 3, 2023, there has been a significant improvement in website performance. Total clicks have increased by 17.2k, impressions have gone up by 390,000, the click-through rate (CTR) has improved by 0.3%, and the average position of the website in search results has improved by 1.3%.

*Avg Position = The average ranking of your website URLs for the query or queries.

Cardiology - 1st Results

Hospitals Sri Lanka - 3rd Results
Best hospital in Sri Lanka
Cardiologist in Sri Lanka
Hospital in Colombo - 4th Result
Neurologist in Sri Lanka - 3rd Result
Orthopedic doctors in Sri Lanka

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