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Ladder works with Healthcare Companies in Singapore and Sri Lanka to create a stronger digital presence, provide health education to patients and make it easier to access healthcare.

Key Healthcare Insights we have gathered through our work with several brands in the healthcare industry

  • People globally are increasingly becoming conscious of the importance of personal health
  • They prefer Healthcare providers who can educate them on preventative care and healthy living
  • Customers have more transparency than ever and prefer healthcare providers who can provide transparency in pricing
  • Since healthcare is a sensitive topic, you should be aware that there are strict regulations around Facebook and Google Advertising. You should know your way around it
  • Healthcare is an area completely built on trust and credibility. It is important that Healthcare companies build a strong relationship with their customers and generate as much user generated content and positive reviews as well. However, healthcare is a sensitive industry, so privacy concerns should also be kept in mind. But you can tell them, there are others like you who could benefit too, if they’re educated in the field.

Generating further awareness for the Heart Center : Durdans Case Study

Durdans is one of the leading private hospitals. Even though they had some industry-leading departments such as the heart

Digital Push, Proving Health Education and Generating more Sales : Forte Diagnostics

Forte Diagnostics has been in the healthcare industry in Sri Lanka for 27 years. As part of their expansion efforts into becoming

Upgrading the website of an Online Pharmacy : Flash Health

Flash Health is a leader in online healthcare in Sri Lanka. They already had a versatile mobile app, customer base and business

Overcoming Taboo Topics on Google : Cloud Clinic, Singapore

Cloud Clinic is a leading telemedicine clinic with expertise in providing direct-to-home healthcare solutions.


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