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It is not uncommon to see sales personnel complaining about having weak leads when probed on why they were unable to meet their targets.

Can you blame them?

Leads are more likely to become a purchasing customer if they have heard of your brand, know what you’ll do and trust you.

The modern-day customers are well-trained to weed out any messages from brands and salespeople that they are not familiar with.

They don’t want to buy a product they haven’t heard of or waste their time listening to people they don’t know!

Cold leads can be reached through advertising, public relations, cold calling and networking; however, they need to be warmed up to increase the likelihood of conversions.

Segment your audience and Optimize your Landing pages

Each of these cold leads that you are reaching out to are different and have differing needs.

However, they could be categorized into specific segments in the market based on their geographic, demographic, lifestyle and behavioural traits.

Your brand’s message then needs to be created to specifically address the needs of each of the chosen segments that you wish you to target.

One of the biggest advantages of online advertising is precision targeting.

Precision targeting will be used to get these tailor-made messages to reach the right segments.

This push campaign will drive traffic onto the digital platforms of the brands, especially the website.

Usually, a website channels every visitor to the same page and provide them with the same options.

This ignores the various interests and motives the visitors might have in visiting the website.

However, optimizing your website to suit the varying needs of the different segments would increase the engagement of the visitors as their specific problems are being addressed.

These optimized landing pages would guide the visitor down a customer journey unique to the segment he/she belongs to and prompts them to take a clear action.

This would drastically increase the chances of conversion.

Through segmenting, you will be able to divide the incoming web traffic into specific categories to provide a unique user experience to the visitors.

Segmenting will also help your brand better understand your visitor by being able to study their segment-specific behaviour and patterns based on the way they engage with your content and page. This also would indicate how they resonate with the different subjects and themes on your platforms.

The insights you thus gain can be used to optimize your content and the landing pages further to increase the conversion rate in the future.

Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing is increasingly becoming a popular tool used by marketers because this makes the prospects voluntarily qualify themselves.

In Inbound marketing, great and relevant content is used to attract high-quality leads.

Lead magnets are a highly effective tool that could be used here. A Lead magnet is a high-value document that is provided in exchange for the customer’s contact details.

Here are some ideas to produce high-quality lead magnets 

Once the prospects have qualified themselves, then its time for your brand to nurture them with a steady stream of educational material that will keep them engaged and move them closer towards making a purchase decision.

The lead magnets could be offered to your cold leads either through Social media advertisements, Emails or through SEO.

Here are some techniques that can be used to draw prospects into your brand and eventually nurture them into paying customers.

a. Make the content visual

The Human brain can process images 60,000 times faster than text! So, make your content visual!

Today’s average consumer doesn’t read your website or content; instead, they scan through it. Therefore you only have a few seconds to grab their attention before they move on.

Visually stunning content would captivate their attention and make them look and want to find out more.

Images tend to evoke emotion quicker than text – and emotional resonance will make people remember your brand.

Therefore it is essential that you use attractive designs and videos to captivate your audience.

b. Make the content personal

If you personalize the content to your audience, you increase the time they spend engaging with your content by 22%!

After all, we all love it when someone pays special attention to us – don’t we?

This would be so much easier if the users are logged onto your website. All you will have to do then is pull their personal data from your CRM.

But even if they aren’t; forms and social media integrations can be used to collect information on your visitors.

c. Make it interactive

The modern-day consumer has a very poor attention span. So keep them engaged at all times.

You could make your audience engage with your content by clicking, swiping and scrolling as they browse through your content.

Animated transition and sounds will also add to an even more immersive experience.

Feedback forms, quizzes and embedded games could also be used for your leads to actively consume your content which will increase the chance of retention as opposed to passive consumption.

These will be both intuitive and fun and will make your visitors remember and appreciate your content and your brand so much more.

Let us know what other tactics marketers could use to warm up their leads which increase their likelihood of conversion in the comments section below.

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