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Promoting the Japanese WasteWater treatment system to the Sri Lankan market : Daiki Axis Case Study

Daiki Axis is one of the largest Johkasou style waste water treatment brands in the world. They already had a presence in Sri Lanka, but wanted to strengthen their presence online too and to stay ahead of their competitors who were also trying to aggressively push their products to the Sri Lankan market.



Understanding the different products offered by Daiki Axis and their different use cases


Identifying cohorts whom are most likely to purchase Johkasou style wastewater treatment solution


Educating the Sri Lankan audience on why Johkasou style wastewater treatment is the most preferred to way to purify water


Building a strong brand image for Daiki online


Showcase the strong association with the Parent company which already has a strong reputation globally


Clearly communicated this message on social media channels frequently


Paid Ad campaigns to increase demand for the products


Search rankings for select keywords to stay ahead of the competitive market

SEO Results

Since the start of implementing SEO on January 3, 2023, there has been a significant improvement in website performance. Total clicks have increased by 17.2k, impressions have gone up by 390,000, the click-through rate (CTR) has improved by 0.3%, and the average position of the website in search results has improved by 1.3%.

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