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Home Makers is a property development business based in Battaramulla, Sri Lanka. They specialize in melding traditional and contemporary design to create luxury living spaces. The company is on a mission to make luxury housing available to everyone.

They approached Ladder to enhance their digital presence and wanted to generate quality leads through digital marketing.

Solution & Outcome

The first phase was to work on their branding
  • Brand positioning: Positioning the company as a top of the mind recall brand for our target customers
  • Branding guidelines: Uniformity across all content and digital platforms.
The second phase was revamping the company website and other digital platforms with the following attributes
  • UI/UX Design to guide the customer journey online
  • Minimal design for maximum retention
  • Direct response copywriting
  • Call to Action Buttons to make our users take the desired action on the website
  • Incorporation of a highly converting sales funnel
The third phase and fourth phase were Content Creation and Conversion Rate Optimization on paid ads.

We then created content for them that conveyed the unique value propositions of their products.

We utilized

  • Story-telling style videos
  • Minimal designs
  • Direct response copywriting for this purpose

The next step was to run paid ad campaigns. We helped them generate Millions in sales from the 1000s of leads we generated through our campaigns.

As a result of these efforts, we helped them sell off 11 properties in Athurugiriya, 3 in Pelawatte, 2 in Hokandara, 5 in Amaragoda and so much more. All of these properties were sold within weeks after they became available in the market.

We also ran marketing for their interior design (HM Interior) and architecture arms with great success as well.

What Client has to say on this?

Ladder Global has blended with our team and company culture showing impeccable results and improvements in sales from the inception. They studied and understood our company and project portfolio classification to create a successful digital marketing platform that is monitored daily.
Being the young and energetic team that has provided us with improvised marketing strategies and data which helped us to grow our esteemed client base and brand status evidently. Home Makers and our group of companies see a promising future with multiple prospects and avenues when collaborating with Ladder Global. We hope to continue our relationship and help build each other.
Roshan Senaratne

Managing Director, Home Makers