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Ladder has helped new restaurant businesses launch, go to market and become profitable, and also worked with more established restaurant businesses to create a stronger presence online.

Here are some key insights from the Restaurant industry businesses should be mindful for

  • UGC is perhaps one of the most important content pillars to be added to the content plan of restaurants. When people see others enjoying the food and beverages from a particular restaurant, they’re most likely to try it mostly pushed through FOMO. 
  • Influencer campaigns target different segments of the market is quite effective. Doing give aways on Instagram and Tik Tok can be the most effective way to increase digital following, increase engagement and drives sales for the restaurant 
  • Food reviews shared on the YouTube and social channels of Food reviewers with a genuine and engaging following can create high levels of brand awareness and interest. 
  • Run heavily targeted ads per customer segments based on their behaviours. For example , Gamers could end up staying up late night playing their favourite games with a group of friends, a campaign could be targeting this segment could be run as a late night ad. 
  • Take negative customer feedback and go the extra mile and fix it and win back the customers’ lost love. Negative reviews could become a killer.

Launching a Kottu Specialist in Sri Lanka : Kottu Stop

Kottu is perhaps the most favourite type of food for Sri Lankans. It can be found in many restaurants and street shops.

Web Revamp for one of the fastest growing Restaurant Franchises in Sri Lanka : Crepe Runner

Crepe Runner is perhaps the most successful restaurant franchise 

Creating a digital presence for a well known Family Restaurant : Gihan’s Restaurant

Gihans is a well known family run restaurant in the Nugegoda, Kohuwala area. They had done a

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