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Selling Supply Chain Technology for a niche market : Soft Freight logic, UAE

Soft Freight Logic provides consulting and technology solutions for Cargowise powered Freight Forwarders globally. They have created several proprietary tech tools. 2 such tools are Insights and CargoDoc. They wanted to create a clear brand positioning for these and wanted to go to market to generate sales.



Created a branding and marketing strategy deck to position the brand and to also create a game plan


We created a complete brand guideline for these products


Built stand alone websites for these products clearly indicating its positioning, usps, features, etc


Since customers don’t spend a lot of time on websites to understand a product, we created ‘Explainer videos’ for each product clearly showing how it can help Freight Forwarders within 2 mins


We also created Google My Business and Social Media Channels to clearly communicate why CargoWise powered Freight Forwarders should use these tools


We grew the LinkedIn pages of these channels to 1,000 followers each


We did search engine optimization for selected keywords such as ‘Data Entry Automation for CargoWise’ and got 1st results for these


We ran Google Ads to generate website traffic and did re-targeting to remind potential customers about our product


Listing our products on 3rd party listing sites


Arranging webinars to create an online-offline connection


Demo Videos to show the customers how to use the product and presenting clear use cases


We helped generate inquiries for the tool as a result of these activities

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