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Soft Freight Logic, a technology specialist in Supply Chain and Deep Cognition, a leader in AI Technology (who are both clients of Ladder Global) wanted to launch a Data Entry Automation Platform that they had jointly developed.

The product called ‘CargoDoc’ would help Freight Forwarders automate their customs and AP Invoicing data entry process into the CargoWise ERP faster, cheaper and more accurately.

Solution & Outcome

We needed to first give the brand life, so we created a complete brand guideline and brand elements including the logo, color palette, typography, etc. The next step was to create a strong digital presence. So we built them a website (https://cargodoc.ai/) and created and optimized their other digital platforms.

The next step was to create a content plan broken into several content pillars which will motivate clients to inquire for a product demo while also creating inbound content that will help generate traffic to our digital platforms. We also managed to get them quality SEO rankings as seen below. 

We also identified some keywords and got SEO rankings for those.

We also created a Product Explainer video which help their customers easily understand this product.

The Website which started as a landing page has now developed into a fully grown platform which drives and retains a ton of traffic from their key target markets and their social platforms have grown as well.

What Client has to say on this?

We are very happy with the marketing work Ladder Global has done towards both CargoDoc and SFL Insights (proprietary products built by us). They have taken full ownership of those products and take a proactive approach towards achieving digital growth. Would recommend them for Digital Marketing
Ikraam Reyaz

Chief Executive Officer, Cargodoc