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Ladder has worked with several technology companies in the US, Canada, UAE and Sri Lanka market their products online and educate their users on the total benefits and ways of using them.

Here are some key marketing insights which can be used by Technology companies


  • Listing your software / app on sites such as Gartner and App Sumo can greatly increase visibility for your product as these sites have a very high traffic flow of technology users. 
  • Creating a 1-2 minutes explainer video can help customers quickly understand the tool. Not all customers will have the patience to scour your entire website, so placing this Explainer on the Hero banner is advisable. 
  • Whether it be SAAS or Enterprise Software, users are going to need help figuring how to use the tool and also explore the full set of features. Trying to do this 1-1 via Product demos could be a nightmare. Automate this process with comprehensive demo videos 
  • Running webinars can be a great way to increase the

Selling Supply Chain Technology for a niche market : Soft Freight logic, UAE

Soft Freight Logic provides consulting and technology solutions for Cargowise powered Freight Forwarders globally.

Website revamp and Brand awareness for a Data Entry Automation specialist in Texas: Deep Cognition, USA

Deep Cognition is an AI company based in the USA. Their core competency is helping

Increasing Market Penetration for Sri Lanka’s first Online Handyman Service : QuickHelp Case Study

QuickHelp is an Online Handyman service company based in Colombo.

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