Waste Water Treatment | Daiki Axis


Daiki Japan is a leader in the water treatment industry in Japan with its cutting-edge Johkasou technology and ability to create many Industry firsts. They had a requirement to improve their digital presence and generate a steady flow of leads online.

Solution & Outcome

The first step was to fix their Digital Infrastructure. So we first built them a website from scratch (https://daikiaxis.lk/). We then created and optimize other digital platforms which would contribute towards building them a strong sales funnel.

We then started working on getting Search Engine rankings for the brand. After performing a thorough keywords research, we did both on-site and off-site optimization on their website. We then worked on Inbound marketing and Google Ads to improve web traffic which helped us achieve the following SEO results for their website.

Then the next stage was to create content which addresses pain points of clients that we studied during our market research. Facebook Ads turned out to be the most successful source for lead generation for Daiki Axis. What’s interesting here is we performed a series of A/B testing with paid ads, and the results showed us that localized content produced 5x the return.

What Client has to say on this?

Daiki Axis needed an improved website, better SEO rankings and wanted to generate more leads through digital. We reached out to Ladder Global to help us achieve this, and I must say they have done an exceptional job in helping our brand accomplish all of these goals and generate a reasonable no of leads via digital.
Rui Owase San

Director, Daiki Axis Environment (Pvt) Ltd