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If you are looking to build a brand-new website or planning to do a website revamp, and are wondering what content needs to be included on this new version of your website, this blog could be useful for you.

The first step of a website design & development is to jot down the site structure. This will give us an idea on the various sections and pages of a website.

Now let’s look at a standard site structure

·   Home

·   Services / Product (Or Both)

·   About Us

·   Resources

·   Contact Us

Let’s take a look at the kind of content that needs to be added to each of these sections

Home Page

This is where a majority of your website visitors are first going to land. The moment they land you’ll have to ideally communicate to them what your company does for whom within a few seconds on the Hero banner. This can be done with a positioning statement and a sub positioning statement along with some supporting imagery, or explainer videos.

Then showing a glimpse of your services or product offerings as the next section on the home page of the website is advisable as users will not spend a lot of time on a website, and by showing them your service offerings soon – you have a higher chance of conversion. You then would need to show proof of concept with some client testimonials and success stories. In addition to these you could have a snippet of your About us section , FAQs  and USPs as well. Remember to add CTAs on every section. 

Services / Products Section

In this section you want to show your visitors what is your services / products, what are its benefits to the users, what are the different features of the products and highlight the USPs of the services / products as well. You can decide to add the pricing for the services / products here, and a journey where customers can make the purchase online along with guarantees or include pricing as a separate page.

About us Section

This section should aim to introduce your company to visitors and tell its story. The About us section could start off a with a brief story of your company so far. Then you’ll can highlight the vision, mission and values of your company. You can then have a message of 1 or more members from your Leadership. Showcasing your team members too on your About us section would go a long way in establishing credibility and will help humanize your company. You could also showcase your company’s culture as well as awards and accolades you’ll have achieved in your history. 


The main aim of the Resources section is to provide value to your visitors upfront by providing them useful and relevant information which they can use to achieve their goals. You can all types of useful content types on your resources section. The most common type of resource type are blogs. From showcasing your knowledge on subject matter to Search Engine Optimization Blogging has many benefits. Other types of content that can be added on resources section are case studies, white papers, E-Books and videos.

Contact Us

Your website visitors like what they see or have some queries, and want to reach out to you to discuss further. The contact us section on the website is where they could find your contact details. You could include your address, contact number / s , email address for users to reach through to you. You could also include a lead form here, where customers can submit inquiries as well. Other ways your customers could reach out to you could be through the ‘Chatbot’ on your website or by booking a meeting through Calendly or some other meeting schedule tool.

If you require assistance put together the web content for the new version of your website, you can book a free consultation to connect with us, and we’ll have assist you create a highly converting website.

Now that you know what content should go on your website, you might be interested to learn on why UI / UX is important to a website and how it can be implemented to your website.

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