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With around 830 Million users and 58 Million Registered companies, LinkedIn is the go-to platform for B2B marketing. Having a strong LinkedIn presence is vital in 2022. In this blog, we want to take you through 10 tips and tricks you can use to grow your company’s LinkedIn page.

1. Fully updated LinkedIn Page + Make it SEO optimized

First things first. Before figuring out how to market something, you’ll need a solid product. In this case, the product we’re trying to promote is your LinkedIn page, so do make sure that your company’s LinkedIn page is fully updated. LinkedIn prompts you to fill certain data sets from time-time, you filling those will help maximize your brand’s visibility. Also make sure your LinkedIn is SEO optimized.

Watch the video below to find out more on how to create a complete LinkedIn Company page.

2. Have 1 or more face for your Brand

People buy from people, not from companies. You need to introduce 1 or more faces for your brand not just for LinkedIn marketing, but for all other forms of Digital Marketing (YouTube, Chatbot). Also, LinkedIn posts with people in them perform much better. 

Make sure you showcase your other team members too by posting content on get-togethers, parties, special events, and special achievements. You don’t always have to be serious on LinkedIn, It’s OK to make your content fun on LinkedIn (while staying professional).

3. Post regularly on your LinkedIn Page

The most important part of growing any social media page is by posting high-quality and valuable content to your target audience. Initially, you’re going to have a smaller audience and little to no engagement. However, you are advised to continue to post high-quality content and over time, your content will reach more people and your audience on LinkedIn will grow.

4. Prospecting

Now that we have started posting high-quality content regularly on our LinkedIn page, the next step is to get the right audience onto our LinkedIn page. People who would consume our content, find it useful and potentially take further action after it such as visiting our website.

After having identified some potential companies, you can look them up on LinkedIn and identify the key decision makers. Then you should connect with them. The next step would be to invite them to follow your LinkedIn page. It will be best if you invite them to follow your company’s page after a few interactions with them, however, this step is optional.

5. Updated personal LinkedIn profiles and active Team members

Activity from personal LinkedIn profiles could have way more engagement than posts from your company page. As a first step, you need to encourage all your team members, or at least those from the Commercial team to be proactive on LinkedIn.

Potential clients who find their content interesting would view their profile and know that they work at your company. Your Team members should also share content posted from your company page and tag the company page on some of their content.

6. Join community groups and conversations

There are plenty of community groups and conversations on LinkedIn around the niche your brand is serving. Join those community groups and comment on posts made by thought leaders in your industry.

Try and add further value to these discussions by showcasing your expertise and adding to the original discussion. This will eventually get your team and your brand enough visibility over time. Do not be intrusive though, you’ll become unlikable just as fast.

7. Use # search to explore more on a topic and use # on your content

If you don’t know how to find companies, groups or conversations to engage with, use the hashtag (#) search function to help you in this process. You can make the # search more advanced by using All Filters.

This process will help you

  1. Network
  2. Find out what the market is talking about a certain topic
  3. Draw inspiration for your next set of content pieces and so much more

When creating content use # to improve visibility for your posts as described above.

8. Post Videos, Articles and Newsletters natively on LinkedIn

LinkedIn like other social media platforms wants to retain its audience within its ecosystem. Therefore, they will reward content posted on LinkedIn directly over those posted somewhere else and then shared on LinkedIn. This is called posting natively on LinkedIn.

You can post your Videos, Articles, Newsletters, and other content pieces directly on LinkedIn for this purpose.

9. Use LinkedIn Ads

Then there is obviously the paid way of growing your channel. Mind you, LinkedIn ads are way more expensive than Google or Facebook Ads. So, you’d want to be very clear on your objectives and outcomes when running LinkedIn Ads.

If the objective is to increase the followership on your company’s LinkedIn page – then you can run LinkedIn Follower Ads which will be best suited for this. See the below example on how the ‘Follow’ button is prominently visible right on the top right corner of the post increasing the likelihood of interested parties clicking it and following your page.

10. Study Linked Analytics and Optimize

You will have to look at your LinkedIn analytics weekly or at least monthly. The key metrics you want to be tracking are

  • Follower growth
  • Follower demographics
  • Impressions & Reach
  • Engagement
  • Click-Through-Rate (CTR)

You also want to be seeing how well each of your posts has done to optimize for the next calendar month. For example, you might notice that your carousel posts are getting the best engagement rate, videos are getting comments and polls are getting are doing well by looking at your analytics report.

However, your analytics report may also indicate that text-heavy, static posts are not doing well. You can then work on improving or avoiding content formats and ideas that don’t work well while doubling down on those that do work well.

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