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With the tremendous growth of Instagram reels, TikTok reels, and Snapchat
Spotlight, short-content videos have had a meteoric rise over the last few years.YouTube introduced its very own short form video feature -’YouTube Shorts’ to keep up with the times in mid 2020.

According to Google, Youtube Shorts are generating 30 Billion views per day! That is a four times (4x) increase from 2021.

Just as easy as a Youtube short looks, growing in the challenging digital era would cost you your commitment and time in making videos consistently. As a growing business, you may get anxious when you read this. Don’t worry, this blog is all you need to get a basic understanding on YouTube Shorts.

What are YouTube shorts?

Youtube Shorts are vertical and short-form content videos that are 60 seconds or less in length. It’s primarily designed to be viewed on mobile phones. But it can be viewed on computers, Notebooks, and Tablets too.

YouTube shorts stand prominent from regular Youtube videos by their length and by their option to combine multiple videos within 60 seconds.

Why should businesses make Youtube shorts?

As a result of people watching more Instagram and TikTok reels,short form videos have become the most popular video content format.If they don’t find a video interesting in the first few seconds, the chances of them scrolling down to the next video are very high. This is one of the main reasons why brands have jumped into the trend of making Youtube shorts

Steps to create Youtube shorts

  1. Download the YouTube App from Play Store /App Store
  1. Create a Youtube Login
  2. Click on + Icon and select “Create a Short”/You can also upload video from your phone library
  3. Edit using In-App creation tools
  4. Add sounds/Music to the Short
  5. Add Details/Description/Hashtag (#SHORTS)
  6. Upload the Short

Now that we have figured out what YouTube shorts are and how we can create them, Let’s jump into the 5 Tips on how we can grow our business rapidly in 2022 using Youtube Shorts.

1. Grab the attention of the Target Audience

YouTube is the second largest search engine and brings in many users who come to the platform for various reasons like Sports, Education, Business, Food, and various other niches. Therefore creating a great YouTube strategy will help the business from getting lost in the sea of content videos. Understanding the tone that appeals to your audience is one main key point while targeting the viewers. Whether it be demonstrative, enthusiastic, or informative, the tone plays a major role in connecting with the audience.

What is a Target Audience?

It’s who you target with your marketing techniques.

Why should you find your Target Audience?

It would ease your process of performing keyword research and finding opportunities to get more traffic and also revenue.

Once you have started reaching an audience, you need to make sure that you are consistent. Remember, Consistency is the key! YouTube being a great marketing tool will also help your business to:

  1. Increase Lead Generation
  2. Enhance Brand Awareness
  3. Build Customer Trust
  4. Generate Traffic

2. Building a simple video SEO-Strategy

As you read in this blog earlier, Youtube is ranked the second largest online search engine. People visit YouTube for education and entertainment purposes. Your audience will find YouTube shorts catering to these needs valuable, and will consume your content more.

Finding the right attention-grabbing title

On youtube, a title can take up to 100 characters. But if you can master writing a winning title within 60-70, you are already ahead of most of your competition. When you have lengthy titles, It may end up looking like a truncated title.

Adding Keywords to the description

The description is a mini blog you can put up with the motive of presenting your business to YouTube viewers. When your audience finds your video interesting, it’s more likely they are going to click on your description. You can also include a link to your website and drive web traffic Use #shorts in the description for the algorithms to recognize this as a YouTube Short.

3. Repurpose Your Existing Content

Your business might have a blog,a YouTube channel and a podcast which all consist of lengthy content pieces. Now that video content is the most popular format on social media, we can repurpose this long-form content into short-form content using YouTube shorts.

2 major benefits of Repurposing existing content

● Help businesses reach audiences efficiently.
● Saves the time of the audience reading blogs, listening to podcasts, or watching long videos.

4. Creating videos that are review-based

In the current context, people tend to trust people more than they trust businesses. Genuine client reviews are one the most powerful forms of social proof. Creating client review shorts will provide social validation and help build customer trust.

According to TrustPilot, 89% of customers around the World are heading to reviews before buying any product. This is one great opportunity for any business to stand out from the rest.

5. CTA as the first comment

Pinning your CTA (Call To Action) as your first comment could help boost engagement and increase the chances of them reaching out to you.


All the data presented above prove that YouTube shorts are undoubtedly going to become one of the biggest social media content formats. If your brand needs assistance to formulate a strategy to incorporate YouTube shorts into its marketing plan, do book a free 30-minutes consultation with one of our Social media consultants now.

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