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YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine after Google and the 2nd most popular social media platform after Facebook.

Unlike your audience on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, your YouTube audience has come onto that platform to specifically search for content they’re interested in. Therefore, this audience is more engaged. Also, they’re willing to consume long-form content.

Comparatively, YouTube users are quite OK with consuming ads too. A recent study by Google indicates that attention to advertising on YouTube, specifically on mobile is higher than on TV.

Here are 6 reasons why your brand should use YouTube as part of its marketing strategy.

1. Capitalize on large user base on YouTube 

This platform has over 2.3 Billion monthly active users, and viewers watch over 1 Billion hours of video on the platform every day. The age distribution of the audience on the platform is fairly even, making it ideal for reaching out to an audience of any age.

YouTube is localized in more than 100 countries and can be used in 80 different languages. All of these present a massive user base for businesses targeting both local and international markets to reach out to.

2. Boosts SEO

Google has a universal search system that shows images, local businesses, rich snippets and videos on search results pages. YouTube is a subsidiary of Google, and due to the native transition of the 2 websites, YouTube videos often show up at the top of the Google SERPs.

Google searches account for more than 85% of all internet traffic, and the result that shows up on the top of the SERP receives 33% more traffic.

Also, if the customers visiting your website stay on your website longer because they watch videos on your site, you will get good search engine rankings because Google knows you have high-quality content.

SERPs: Search engine results pages

3. Evergreen content 

Evergreen content is content that continues to stay relevant and fresh for a long time. YouTube is one of the best platforms to capitalize on evergreen content as it will continuously attract quality traffic to your channel and, through that, to your website.

Your brand can also greatly benefit through this by creating content on topics that your potential customers will search for in the future.

4. Great platform to showcase your expertise 

Research suggests that the human brain processes visuals way better than text resulting in a ton of searches done on YouTube to learn about all sorts of things.

Here are some types of videos you can upload to help attract traffic first to your brand’s YouTube channel and then to your website. You can also add value upfront to your customers, thereby improving your brand image in their minds.


Users search for all sorts of queries online, from ‘how to do a tie knot’ to ‘how to prepare black tea’. As you can see in the example below, you can create ‘how-to-videos related to products that you might have. This will help you attract / leads, add value upfront to potential customers, and increase traffic to your website.

Explainer videos 

You can highlight the features, benefits and correct usage of your products using Explainer videos.

Training videos 

This is an excellent way through which B2B brands can showcase their expertise in their respective industry and function to potential customers.

5. User intent: Customers are actively looking for solutions on YouTube

YouTube processes over 3 billion searches per month. This makes the platform the 2nd largest search engine in the world, right after Google.

If you thoroughly research for keywords and optimize your YouTube videos with categories, keywords and tags, you could reach out to potential customers who are actively looking to purchase your products and services.

Just as brands can benefit through Google rankings, businesses can benefit through ranking on YouTube and providing content customers might be actively looking for.

6. Increase website traffic 

YouTube is an excellent platform to attract high-quality leads and direct them to your website organically. Providing backlinks to your YouTube videos make it easier for people to find you online.

If your audience finds your videos helpful and believes that you could offer them a solution to a problem they face, they would click on the website link you provide on your video and do further research on your brand. If your landing pages are well optimized, then you could vastly improve your conversions.

Click here to find out more on how to use landing pages to improve conversion.


We hope it’s clear to you that YouTube will help your brand reach out to a larger audience, provide value upfront to potential customers, thereby improving your brand’s perception in their minds, drive quality leads to your website, and help improve your sales.

What are you waiting for? Double up on your YouTube marketing efforts starting today. If you need any help with YouTube marketing for your brand you can arrange for a free strategy session or hit us up on or call us on +94 76 852 9344.

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