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Facebook, currently with 2.8 billion users, is one of the best and biggest platforms to reach and connect with your customers. That being said, with the increase in active users on the platform it is gradually getting harder to influence the targeted customer base.

Most businesses sometimes fail to see a high ROI from the published Facebook Ads. However, optimizing Facebook Ads will ensure the efforts and budget spent on Facebook Ads produce maximum results. Here are 5 ways you can increase your ROI through Facebook Ads!

1. Create a Facebook Business Manager Account

As described by Facebook, Business Manager serves as a one-stop-shop to manage business tools, business assets, and employee access to these assets. Simply, Business Manager will manage the Facebook marketing and advertising activities.

A Facebook Business Manager account will support you to efficiently manage your Facebook account and analyse the performance of the ads. The central dashboard of Business Manager will provide detailed reports data on the performance of the page and the advertisements.

These data will give you insights into your audience which will help you to analyse the performance of your Facebook Ads. You can also use the business manager account to see insight into audiences of other similar groups.

This article by Hootsuite explains step by step on how you can set up your Facebook Business Manager Account.

2. Identify your target audience

Back to basics! As we all know, it is important to identify your target audience. Facebook is a great platform that allows you to segment and directly target your customer audience. Facebook’s insight tools shed light on how your audience engage with your content.

So, what should you do? Create buyer personas according to your company’s target market. These buyer personas would be created based on gender, job title, income, lifestyles, location etc.

You can also use the past data collected from previous campaigns to identify their characteristics.

Through establishing your goals based on the developed persona and personalizing the content accordingly you can immensely increase ROI on Facebook Ads.

3. Use Facebook Segmenting Tools

Each individual’s needs will be different from another. It is pretty clear that it is difficult to create tailor-made content for each viewer. However, just as we segment our physical audience we can segment our digital audience according to demographic, geographic, and behavioral factors.

Segmenting your audience will help you to directly speak to your ideal customer and hence increase conversions.

You can drastically increase the chances of your customers engaging with your page through the use of Facebook segmenting tools.

4. Brand Storytelling

People use social media to take a break from the real world. Social media users are mostly interested in stories as opposed to ads. Many users do not like to see a typically branded advertisement so you need to talk to them and not at them.

Captivating your audience through visuals is important, but storytelling will help your audience to relate to your brand even more.

Brand storytelling establishes your brand personality and will help you to stand out from your competitors.

Here are 6 ways you can use brand storytelling to increase conversions;

    1. Formulate a content strategy
    2. Share the “Why” of your company to connect with your audience
    3. Let your customers tell their story about their experience with you
    4. Tell data-driven brand stories
    5. Lead With Dialogue
    6. Measure the Impact of Your Story

Read our blog on Leveraging Brand Storytelling To Increase Conversions to learn more about brand storytelling.

Using Brand Storytelling will not only help to increase sales but also to establish more meaningful relationships with the customers.

5. Use different ad forms

Facebook offers images, videos, carousels, instant experience, and collections as ad types.

Don’t be afraid to use different ad types to reach your customer audience since many users prefer different forms of content. This will help to ensure your ads will connect with your customers more efficiently.

Sticking to images and videos is fine but do step out of the comfort zone. The various types of ads on Facebook have many benefits.

Using carousel ads allows you to create a story and be creative with the content published. Carousel ads will allow you to share 2 or more images, and/or videos in a single ad. Carousel ads support to feature multiple products, highlight multiple features of a single product, tell a story, explain a process and sell the benefits.

Collection ad type will encourage the customers to visit your website if they’re interested to browse more options. Instant experience provides mobile users a full-screen experience of your brand, products, and services.

Do not be afraid to keep re-trying the message and the form of ads because trying many options will help to understand what customers are paying more attention to. You can also use A/B testing to determine which strategy is the best option available to you to improve campaigns.


Facebook is one of the best platforms to reach your customer, but before using Facebook to see an increase in ROI it is important to understand the customer and personalize the content accordingly. The above-mentioned tactics will help you increase your ROI.

Let us know what you think and your suggestions on how businesses can use Facebook to increase ROI in the comment section.

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