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Over the past few years, TikTok has transformed into one of the world’s favorite social media platforms. The social platform recently announced that it reached 1 billion monthly active users globally, and this is years earlier than Facebook and Instagram reached that milestone.

You can tailor your feed to what you prefer to see while you continuously scroll through endless short videos in this user-generated platform.

What is TikTok?

TikTok is a media sharing platform for short-form video content, with videos ranging from 15 seconds up to 60 seconds in length.

There is an individually curated ‘For You’ page available for users. Videos appear on the feed based on the unique algorithm of TikTok which gives priority and value to a video’s relevance to your interests rather than its general popularity.

The app has a fast and easily digestible format which is mainly appealing to Gen Z and seems to be making waves with aging millennials as well. This implies that TikTok is possibly an effective digital marketing strategy for businesses to connect with these two huge consumer groups now and in the future.


Should you use TikTok for your business?

This depends on who the audience is and if they are using the platform. The biggest majority of the audience on TikTok is young adults. However, we can currently observe people in a variety of age groups getting familiar with the platform.

Your business is likely to be well received in this space if you are looking to incorporate the brand into latest trends and utilize fun advertising methods.

The platform gives values to authenticity, creativity and casual interaction and as a result, many brands have found success on TikTok and leveraged it in enhancing their brand identity.

Once such example is Chipotle and the company’s avocado upsells increased by 68% through their campaign #GuacDance.

How can you use TikTok for marketing?

Your business can initially set specific goals like raising awareness for your products or reaching a / audience and streamline your growth by bearing those goals in mind and creating content accordingly.

Here are few opportunities you could focus on TikTok.

1. Native Advertising

This allows promotional videos of a brand to be displayed on the feed of users which is commonly referred to as ‘For You’ page. There should be extensive research on finding the audience to target and consequently it can lead to more interest and conversions as well.

Another available advertising method is known as takeover, through which you can place a full display of an ad to be seen when a user opens the app. It is possible to have embedded links that directs to website landing pages or other hashtags or challenges within the platform.

2. Hashtag challenges

A clever way to integrate your brand into the TikTok community is by participating in hashtag challenges. In modern times these hashtags challenges are trending and will continue to grow in 2022, presenting brands with opportunities to connect with their customers.

Hashtag challenges encourage user-generated content, and your brand can also consider starting one yourself to create a viral trend. One of the most successful branded hashtag challenges was Samsung’s #VideoSnapChallenge , which accumulated over 33 billion views.

3.Tutorial Videos and hacks

Publishing tutorial videos and hacks related to your product or service can be considered as an effective TikTok marketing strategy.

As an example, a digital marketing agency can showcase social media insights and marketing tips in order to establish their authority in this space. This would also be a great way to build a rapport with customers and receive more recognition.

4.Influencer Marketing

This is another useful strategy to boost your business on TikTok without spending much effort and time for in-house content creation. You can search through relevant hashtags to discover the influencers who are more relevant to your brand.

While setting up clear expectations and brand guidelines, it is also important to provide these influencers with creative freedom to get the best out of them. You may have probably noticed the success of influencer marketing on other social platforms, and TikTok is no exception.

In Conclusion

If your business has a target audience that is young, TikTok would be the perfect place to attract their attention. The user interface of the platform is also very easy to use and navigate. TikTok will continue to grow in 2022 and beyond, and it might just be what you need to make your business grow and thrive.

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