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What is UI & UX?

UI stands for User Interface and refers to what users interact with on a digital platform. This includes the buttons, icons and elements used on these platforms. The goal of great UI is to create a visually appealing and easy to use interface and it aims to help users achieve their goals on the digital platforms.

UX on the other hand stands for the overall User Experience when using the digital platform. This includes how easy and satisfying it is to use the digital platform.

Great UI, UX at work

All of the digital platforms we use have great UI, UX which contributes to daily visitors and heavy usage. Let’s look at some examples of great UI, UX at work (on Websites and Mobile Apps).


With 3.5 Billion Daily Active Users (DAUs), Google and its products and services is the most in demand in digital platform in the world, and their great UI / UX contributes to this. One thing you would notice is that there is nothing over the top with Google Search or any of its other products. They all have simple yet highly effective UI / UX. If you take Google Search for example, the search bar (which is the primary function) is placed  right at the center of the website with no competing elements on whatsoever.

There are 2 CTAs below that and all the other tools at the top right corner accessible through a pop-over menu which is not intrusive to the primary user objective on the site.


Popular digital streaming platform has over 515 Million Monthly Active Users (MAUs). The user interface of Spotify is quite visually appealing and is easy to use. The different features on the app is well organized and the controls are intuitive. Spotify’s ability to provide a personalized experience based on listening habits is a great example of user experience.


Even though the subscription video on demand (SVOD) has become a highly competitive landscape in the recent past, Netflix was the undisputed king several years ago. And one main reason for that was their superior UI / UX.

Netflix has a clean and easy-to-use interface that makes it easy for its users to find content and watch. They use machine learning to recommend content users are likely interested in which vastly increases user experience on the platform. Ease of use, variety of content and availability on multiple devices are other reasons which makes users love the platform and become repeat visitors.


If we want an example of a B2B company that has great UI / UX – then we can look at the website of Hubspot.

All their primary software offerings, pricing and resources which are the primary information for users can be accessed through the menu. Also the website is not cluttered and uses enough breathing space to effectively showcase the different services and resources they offer for their users. Their website gets 7M+ monthly visitors and 177,000 customers. The UI / UX employed by the brand contributes significantly towards this.

What are the benefits of UI / UX and why should all brands pay emphasis to it?


Results in repeat visitors and users

Just like we love to repeatedly visit a clothing store which has great ambience, buying experience and overall makes us feel good – customers would like to repeatedly visit website that has products or services useful to them.

Increases conversion contributing to more sales

Great UI / UX on your website and mobile app is going to make it easy for your customers to find what they are looking for. It’s also going to be easy for them to use which is going to improve the overall experience. They’re also going to grasp your value proposition. When the CTAs too are presented effectively – it’s going to greatly increase the chances of conversion on your website and mobile app.

Boosts brand loyalty

When your users have a positive experience on your website and mobile app, they’re going to not only form a positive impression about your brand but also are more likely to remember your brand. They are also more likely to assume that your products are of high quality and often it is customer perception that allows certain companies charge higher prices for their products and services.

Reduces costs

When your customers can’t easily find information they’re looking for on your website, they then have to call or message your customer support and ask for help. This is a cost for your organization. Also customers these days are quite impatient and would stop trying after a while, resulting in lost sales which is even worse.

Competitive advantage

If you provide great UI / UX to your customers you are going to have happier customers, repeat visitors, increased retention and enhanced brand reputation. All of this would tip the scales in your favour no matter how competitive your market space is.

If your company requires assistance to incorporate great UI / UX to your website, mobile apps or other digital platforms – Book a free consultation to discuss further.

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