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While the big sharks in the world of social media such as global celebrities get a ton of attention, you’d be surprised to know the power wielded by the little fish of the social media influencer world – The Micro-Influencers’.

While it might require an astronomical budget to get hold of the big-name influencers, micro-influencers on the otherhand might be more economical and effective for your marketing campaigns.

If you are confused about who might qualify as a micro-influencer, micro-influencers have smaller audiences ranging from 1000 to 10,000 followers. You might sometimes be put off thinking these numbers aren’t very impressive! However, you might want to consider the fact that micro-influencers are known to have a more loyal and a highly engaging following.

Although micro-influencers don’t get as much attention as their larger creators, big names don’t always mean big returns for a brand as engagement is the most important factor that brands must consider in their marketing efforts. If you are looking for a new marketing approach in 2023 to reap the best results for your investments and efforts, then micro-influencers might be one of the best solutions for you.

Here are some reasons you might want to partner up with a micro-influencer in 2023:

Most Brand Partnerships are with Micro-Influencers

Though they are called micro-influencers, they are the macro players when it comes to brand partnerships. According to statistics, 77% of all brand partnerships involve micro-influencers. Micro-influencers have more engagement compared to bigger influencers and have niche markets that brands can tap into, to gain a loyal and engaged following.

Increased Brand Engagement and Reach Niche Audience

As micro-influencers engage with audiences 1 on 1. Therefore, the connection or relationship between the audience and the micro-influencers is stronger than larger influencers. Micro-influencers have the highest rate of engagement in terms of creators with an average engagement rate of 6%! Engagement is the key factor that all brands must look for when promoting their content. As micro-influencers offer highly targeted content, which provides the opportunity for brands to target specific niches in the market.

Better Overall Reliability

Viewers find content created by micro-influencers to be more authentic. This builds trust in the minds of consumers. The end consumer respects these micro-influencers not because of their numbers, but because of the expertise they hold in their respective fields. A whopping 70% of teenagers trust micro-influencers more than global celebrities. As Gen Z consumers are reaching adulthood and have more buying power, the importance of these micro-influencers will be higher than ever in the future.

The Affordability Factor

Because of their smaller reach and audience numbers, their cost is not as astronomical as larger influencers. With costs averaging from $100 to $500, the target audience of micro-influencers can generate better ROI despite the low budget. Some micro-influencers might even be willing to trade in their time for free products! This makes it possible for brands to partner up with multiple micro-influencers feasible for their campaigns. If a brand is looking for maximum engagement with a minimum budget, then micro-influencers might be the right solution.

Better Approachability

Micro-influencers are easier to approach and will have less or no gatekeepers. This means that brands can speak to them one on one and work out a deal that works out best for both parties. This is truly a win-win situation. This makes micro-influencers easy to approach and work with especially if a brand is tight on time and must deliver on short notice.

Their Content Resonates More with Audiences

The high engagement rates of micro-influencers are evidence that the content published by them resonates more with a larger number of people. This means that brands can provide solutions to those specific problems making their marketing more relevant and influential. When the content resonates more with audiences, they tend to be more influenced by the overall messaging of the content created.

Considering all the points we have mentioned above, we think we can agree that using Micro-Influencers should be part of the marketing plan of all brands. If you are looking for a Micro-influencer campaign for your brand and need assistance in figuring out how best to execute it – book a free consultation with us now.

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